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ISO 27001 Requirements Checklist

Optimise your information security management system by better automating documentation with digital checklists.

See our ready-made templates:

ISO 27001 Audit Checklist Template

Use this ISO 27001 audit checklist to check whether your company is ready for ISO 27001 certification.

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ISO 27001 Internal Audit Checklist Template

Reduce risks by conducting regular ISO 27001 internal audits of the information security management system.

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ISO 27001 Compliance Checklist Template

This template can be used by auditors for certification audits according to ISO 27001 for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

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IT Risk Assessment Template

Use this IT risk assessment template to perform information security risk and vulnerability assessments.

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What is an ISO 27001 checklist?

An ISO 27001 checklist is a tool to determine whether an organization meets the requirements of the international guidelines for the implementation of an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS). Information security officers use the ISO 27001 checklist to assess gaps in their organization's ISMS and evaluate their organization's readiness for third-party ISO 27001 certification audits.

ISMS comprises the systematic management of information to ensure its confidentiality, integrity and availability to the parties involved. The certification according to ISO 27001 means that the ISMS of an organization is aligned with international standards. Even if certification is not intended, an organization that complies with the ISO 27001 tempaltes will benefit from information security management best practices.

This article deals with:

1. 4 advantages according to ISO 27001

2. A digital application to optimize ISO 27001 standards

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4 advantages according to ISO 27001

To install an effective ISMS correctly takes a lot of time and effort to certify it according to ISO 27001. But the effort and work pay off. A robust information security management system also protects your business from unwanted disruptions that could potentially cripple the entire business.

The ISO 27001 checklist helps you to optimise information security and IT security in a systematic and structured way, and to adapt it to your specific requirements. In the following 4 advantages of an ISO 27001 checklist are listed:

1. Continuous information security

Your information security management system, according to ISO 27001, is constantly being optimised and adapted to new circumstances. With the ISO 27001 checklist, you regularly analyse internal audits. You can check the current situation at a glance and recognise the need for adjustments at an early stage. Self-control and continuous improvements create permanent security.

2. Risk minimization

With the help of the ISO 27001 risk analysis template, you can identify vulnerabilities at an early stage, even before they become a security hole.

3. Information security

Minimise the impact of possible data loss and misuse. Should it ever happen, the application allows you to detect and repair data leaks quickly. This way, you can actively limit the damage and recover your systems faster.

4 Security creates trust

Whether a company handles information and data conscientiously is a decisive reason for many customers to decide with whom they share their data.

Digital application to optimize ISO 27001 standards

ISO 27001 certification requires documentation of your ISMS and proof of the processes and practices in place to achieve continuous improvement. An organisation that relies heavily on paper-based systems will find it challenging and time-consuming to organise and track the documentation needed to prove ISO 27001 compliance. A digital application can help here and with other ISO documentation, like with a digital checklist for an ISO 14001 environmental audit.

Individual digital forms

The flexible form construction kit makes it possible to create new individual checklists at any time and to adapt them again and again.

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