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Process Audit Checklist

Use a digital questionnaire for Process Audit Checklists to identify and eliminate inefficiencies and problems in the manufacturing process.

What does a manufacturing process involve?

A manufacturing process comprises a set of principles, protocols and steps that have been established to track the manufacturing process of using raw materials from the beginning to the final product. Manufacturing processes may vary, depending mainly on the type and size of the operation and organizational preferences.

A general distinction is made between internal and external audits. In practice, a process audit questionnaire with the relevant requirements for the system and the processes is used for this purpose.

This article deals with the following topics:

1. The 3 most important aspects of the process audit checklist

2. 4 common mistakes in the process audit

3. Process audit software: A mobile solution from Lumiform

The 3 most important aspects of the process audit checklist

Process audits are traditionally carried out according to an established process audit checklist, for quality management assurance. In general, the process audit always follows the same structure, which can of course be adapted to one’s own priorities and preferences. The basic scheme of the process audit checklist is shown below:

    1. Preparation

    A few weeks before the planned implementation, it is advisable to prepare an audit plan. The process audit checklist should define the schedule, determine the audit team, identify participants and determine an individual process audit questionnaire.

    2. Implementation

    The inspection is carried out in an on-site visit using the individually prepared checklist of questions. Traditionally, this round tour is documented with paper and pen when actually carried out. If serious deficits, errors or even risks are noticed, it is advisable to initiate immediate measures with the person in charge.

    3. Final report

    The evaluation and reporting of a process audit checklist is done manually with pen and paper or an Excel spreadsheet. In summary, an overview of the deviating items is usually sufficient. In order to be able to compare the different areas of the processes with each other, it makes sense to create an individual point system. The process audit result serves to define the ratio of the measures achieved for any weaknesses.

4 common errors in the process audit

A manufacturing plant fulfils many interdependent processes that must work together efficiently. An inefficient process or malfunction in even one area has negative consequences for the entire production line. These mistakes are common in the manufacturing process:

  1. Unreadable instructions
    Illegible paper documents are always a risk of errors and inaccuracies in the process. Management should regularly review the manufacturing process and production hall through a process audit with an appropriate set of questions. This ensures that everything runs as planned and agreed upon.
  2. Unstructured induction of employees
    Often, there is not enough time or experience to train employees in new processes. Mistakes are, therefore, inevitable. With a checklist, all employees are guided through the process step by step. This way, no check or test point is forgotten, and the employees always know what needs to be done.
  3. Using the wrong tools
    The work steps are explained in a checklist and the required tools and materials. This leads to fewer manufacturing errors and ensures a clean, error-free completion of manufacturing work.
  4. Inadequate documentation
    Efficient data documentation is necessary to see which areas processes are working successfully and where improvements need to be made. To ensure that problems are contained at an early stage, incidents such as identified defects, malfunctions and non-compliance must be properly documented.

Process audit software: A mobile solution from Lumiform

Traditionally, a pen and paper audit process is laborious, time-consuming, and prone to errors. With Lumiform’s mobile app, you can easily conduct inspections, report issues on the fly, and quickly assign corrective actions to responsible colleagues.

Easy communication with all team members and third-party vendors allows you to improve internal processes and resolve incidents as they occur up to four times faster. Lumiform, the powerful inspection application, helps to ensure that no critical aspects, tests or viewpoints are overlooked during software development.

  • Increase the efficiency of your internal processes: Resolve incidents up to 4x faster than before through more efficient communication within the team, with third parties and with management, and faster incident reporting.
  • The flexible checklist builder from Lumiform helps you to convert any individual paper list into a digital checklist without much effort.
  • In addition, we offer more than 12,000 ready-made templates to help companies get started digitally in no time.
  • Using the super intuitive mobile App, you and your teammates conduct check in the field with ease and in no time.

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