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Retail Store Operations Checklist: A Daily Guide To Management

Following a retail store operations checklist ensures that your business is sustainable and competitive. Go through the list one by one and make sure you and your employees have fulfilled all your daily duties. Don’t miss a step with the help of this template!

What Is a Retail Store Operation Checklist?

A retail store operations checklist includes the tasks needed for the proper management of everything from your inventories, employees, customer services, and store premises. As a business owner and operations manager, it is your responsibility to constantly improve your store operations so you can work efficiently and get positive results.

There is still a bright future for brick-and-mortar stores. People are eager to return to store shopping. But it is undeniable that post-pandemic shopping is a lot more complicated. It is more important now more than ever for businesses to follow a retail store checklist for operations to ensure optimal performance. This means using tools, practices, and technologies that can help the business stay competitive, sustainable, and safe for everyone.

In this article, the following points are explained:

1. Points included in a retail store operations checklist

2. The benefits of a digital checklist

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What Are the Elements of a Retail Store Operations Checklist?

Much has changed in daily store operations since the rise of the Internet. Shoppers and retailers are now reliant on technology. Shoppers have more options, and business owners have to do more than just open their doors. We now have POS systems, virtual fitting rooms, e-commerce, and other forms of retail technology.

Computers, the Internet, and data analytics have become a part of retail store operations. These tools are a huge help when it comes to optimizing inventory management, customer services, and employee management. With all the new developments in the retail industry, a retail store operations checklist can help you stay organized, so you can serve your customers and improve your daily operations.

Here are some of the most important items to include in your retail store daily operations checklist:

Ensure Security of Premises

In most retail stores, the manager or lead is the first to arrive at the store to open the doors. They will get the store ready for business. They will disarm the security system and inspect the premises for any suspicious activity or anything that they might deem suspicious. You must have security protocols in place for security issues that may arise. If the manager sees something out of the ordinary, they must report and follow the established protocol.

Daily Morning Staff Meeting

Before opening your doors for business, make sure that your employees are ready for the day. Be prepared in case someone is late or missing. Find a way to fill the gap by assigning extra duties or calling in other employees to ensure you have enough people to do all the necessary tasks. A quick morning meeting every day can help make sure everyone knows what must be accomplished during their shift.

Turn on the POS Systems

Retail store Point of Sale (POS) systems are a vital part of daily store operations. It is the source of some of the most vital information that you can use when making business decisions. It is there not only to ensure you are making a profit but also to keep you informed about merchandising and other alerts. You can use your POS systems to review daily and weekly sales and expenses. From the data, you can decide what actions you need to take to improve your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Prepare Cash Registers

One of the most important aspects of your retail store operations checklist is the preparation of cash registers. Your cash register helps you manage your daily sales and revenue. Have the drawers ready for transactions. Count the money in the safe and follow established procedures for counting cash and transporting it to the check stands.

Be Prepared for Deliveries

Know the schedules for big deliveries. You would not want to get caught off guard in case the delivery happens during the busiest part of the day. Make sure you have staff assigned to handle the transaction and check the goods. Employee theft is one of the top concerns in retail store operations. Designating someone beforehand rather than on the spot helps prevent loss and ensures the goods you received meet your specifications.

Replenish Retail Shelf Stock

Ensure that your customers can find everything they need in your store. Keep an eye on stockout alerts and make sure you assign a staff member to take care of the replenishment. If your organization uses data analytics, it could be a tool for ensuring that you take advantage of merchandising opportunities. It can help determine which products are in demand during specific days.

Retail Store Staff Scheduling

A checklist for retail store operations helps keep your staff engaged and minimize employee turnover. Make sure you manage your employees well so you remain compliant with employment laws. Make sure your staff work as scheduled and have enough break time.

BOPIS Customer Service

Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) has become more common, and many retail stores started offering this service since the pandemic happened. If you’re one of them, you must keep your customers happy by being prompt. So, monitor alerts for incoming orders, and make sure they’re prepared before the customer arrives for pickup. You could also use this as an upsell opportunity by keeping impulse items near the pickup station.

Balancing Cash Registers and POS Reporting

At the end of the day, you must count the cash and secure other assets. Prepare deposits when necessary. Then, review valuable information from the data analytics solution. These include sales, deliveries, returns, and other essential activities that occurred during the day. Also, check for notifications about out-of-the-ordinary incidents that need prompt action.

Restock and Refresh Your Shelves

During the busiest days, such as Black Friday, you’ll need to refresh and restock your shelves throughout the day. You must make sure the store is clean and orderly. Large retail stores often have a graveyard shift in charge of this. If you’re a small store, make sure you assign someone to do the general housekeeping so that the store is presentable the next day.

Secure the Store

Once you have done all of the above, you must ensure cash and valuables are secured in safes or lockboxes. If you have high-value items, place barricades around them to avoid thefts during the night. Liquor cabinets must be locked, and jewelry must be removed from glass cases and stored somewhere that’s not easily accessible.

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Why Should I Switch to a Digital Retail Store Operations Checklist?

There’s a lot going on during the daily operation and management of a retail store. Not only are you responsible for employee scheduling but you also have to make sure the store is stocked with customers’ favorite goods. Lumiform can help you keep track of store security, incoming deliveries, cash registers, and much, much more with our easy-to-use mobile app. Access your inspections or audits anywhere, anytime, online or offline via a mobile device or with our desktop software.

But that’s not all Lumiform can do. Keep reading to find out the many different ways a digital checklist can benefit your company.

  • With the Lumiform app, you have the power to manually or automatically assign tasks to specific individuals. Want to make a rotating schedule? You can do that, too.
  • To make your daily report a more comprehensive one, add photos and comments during or after a task. Share your comments and requests with your colleagues immediately for instant issue resolution.
  • Problems are bound to arise at some point. Stay ahead of the game and get automatic alerts when employees raise issues. This could be anything from stolen merchandise to an unbalanced cash register drawer. Whatever seems to be the problem, instant identification means you can solve it faster.
  • Thanks to our extensive template library – over ten thousand and counting – you can have your choice of premade checklists. Does nothing catch your attention? No problem. With our digital checklist maker, you can make as many as necessary to aid your store’s daily functions.

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