Smog Inspection

Use a checklist to carry out a Smog Inspection and record violations via the mobile app.

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Smog Checklist

This smog checklist can be used by smog technicians to report the measured vehicle emissions.

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Smog Check Station Inspection Checklist

Use this Smog Check Station Inspection Checklist to assist smog check stations to pass inspections.

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What is a smog check inspection?

A smog inspection is a procedure, that determines whether the emissions of a vehicle are within the values set by the state regulatory authority. If an exhaust emissions test is negative, this means that the vehicle's registration will be withdrawn due to non-compliance with environmental regulations.A checklist for a smog inspection is an instrument for the exhaust emission testers support you in carrying out exhaust emission tests. It helps to record findings, to document observations that indicate unsafe vehicle conditions or non-compliance with regulations.

This article deals with:

1. usual procedure for a smog check inspection

2. A digital solution for a smog check inspection

usual procedure for a smog check inspection

State regulations stipulate that a vehicle must undergo an smog check inspection every 1-2 years, usually together with a vehicle safety inspection. The exhaust emission test is mandatory. With a regular smog inspection you not only protect the environment, but also avoid unnecessary fines. The Federal Environmental Agency regulates vehicle emissions in Germany. It has set up programmes to help keep vehicle emissions under control and to monitor their negative effects. In particular, health, the environment, but also the economy is the main driver of exhaust emissions. The following is an overview of the individual procedures that are carried out when vehicle emissions are checked:

1. Pre-test

Before each vehicle inspection, a pre-test is carried out by the emission testers to ensure that the test equipment has been maintained and calibrated according to their specifications.

2. emission measurement

The responsible inspectors measure and record the values of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the vehicle emissions. Although the test equipment may vary depending on the facility, the technicians always use government-approved exhaust gas analyzers.


3. visual and functional inspection

Inspectors shall perform a visual and functional inspection of the vehicle to check for the presence of manipulated, missing, disconnected, modified or defective emission control systems They also check whether other devices, such as the malfunction indicator light, are working.

A digital solution for a smog check inspection

The smog check inspection centres are responsible for emission testing. The use of paper-based emission test checklists for regular registration renewals is inconvenient and inefficient. Lumiform, the powerful inspection application, helps emission testers to:

  • Required Capture vehicle data and optionally add photos

  • Record results efficiently and create exhaust emission test reports

  • to use the inspection app with other programs and systems for the exhaust emission test
  • Checklists for exhaust gas testing, to be adapted according to local legal requirements

  • Get an overview of everything that's going on on site.

  • Reports are created automatically - this saves the complete postprocessing.

  • Increase the efficiency of your internal processes: Through more efficient communication within the team, with third parties and with management, as well as faster incident reporting, you solve incidents up to 4x faster than before.

  • Save time by analyzing all data more easily and identifying areas that need your attention more quickly.