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Employee Form Templates

12 templates

Employee forms are a valuable support for the HR department. Most of the time, they are used for new hires to record information about the person. However, some companies also use templates during the hiring process to make selection easier. Check out and download from our library of templates below. These templates help the department employees record all important information in a structured way to have them always at hand for different matters within the employment relationship. It is good practice for HR departments to present employee forms to employees at regular intervals to ensure that their information is still up to date.

Human resources mean a lot of paperwork and records management. Choosing a digital tool makes the work easier, and saves a lot of shelf space. With a digital solution like Lumiform, you keep all form templates centrally, so that all HR managers and employees can access them at any time. And to start with this, it’s easy. In Lumiform's template library you will find numerous templates for new employees and HR management. Want to customize your free template to your company's specifications? No problem! Just choose a suitable template from the list and use it immediately for your purposes. Our form builder makes customising templates easy thanks to the drag-and-drop function. The process is designed to be self-explanatory and requires no design or programming skills on your part.

The biggest advantage of digital templates? You can update it at any time, and each of your employees will have instant access to the latest version. With our help, it is quick and easy to start with digital employee forms. In the hiring process, you can quickly evaluate all data by comparing individual fields. You also automatically create reports that you immediately share with the people responsible for the hiring process. And most importantly, you work from anywhere. On the one hand, you can access your forms from anywhere and at any time. On the other hand, employees at different locations always have access to identical, up-to-date forms. Sending paper documents back and forth is no longer necessary. Important attachments can easily be attached to the form. Download your first employee form template today and streamline your HR processes.