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Evaluation Form Templates

11 templates

Evaluation forms are the best way to get feedback from customers, employees and guests, or evaluate your product or trainings. Opinions and feedback from third parties are important for sustainably improving and further developing products, services, and your staff. Browse and download from our list of example evaluation forms below.

Evaluations can influence the sustainable operation of a company throughout its life cycle. It pays to listen - you learn where problems exist, so you can improve products with a product evaluation checklist and services, or optimise the evaluation your trainings. This is an essential part of growing a business. While we know the importance of understanding the needs of customers and the workforce, we often fail to design surveys and forms that actually work.

Lumiform offers you the possibility to use standardized templates. These are freely configurable with the help of the form builder and can be easily integrated into the evaluation process. Since there are different evaluation criteria for different evaluations, you have the option of creating different forms. For example, different criteria are important for an evaluation in a hotel by guests than for evaluations of products, employees or training. You'll get a variety of responses that will help you with business development. In Lumiform's template library, you will find ready-made evaluation forms for different application areas that you can use immediately and update at any time. Thanks to the Lumiform mobile app, you can access your templates anytime, anywhere via smartphone or tablet.

If you haven't yet discovered a suitable evaluation form for your request in the library, you can use the form builder to create your own template according to your needs. It's easy and you don't need any design or programming skills. Keep the following points in mind when creating your form: Ask specific questions, keep your form visually clean, and follow a logical flow. When you're done designing your evaluation form, you can start using it immediately. Take advantage of a digital template. The right kind of form is the one that is understood and filled out correctly. Don't risk a low response rate, create and evaluate your evaluation forms with Lumiform.