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What is a real estate template?

A Real Estate Checklist can help you with the many tasks and inspections that need to be done around your property. With a digital template, you can go through all the points carefully step by step and continuously improve your service. Forms for different application areas and general checklists for internal and external audits can be found in the real estate category. You can use our templates for your inspections or create your own template. The template list and describes exactly which tasks need to be performed. All specified standards for safety and quality management can thus be reliably met. In our template library, you will find some sample templates for the real estate sales process.

Therefore a real estate checklist can be successfully used in the following areas:

A real estate checklist as a guideline helps you every day, every week, and every month to efficiently complete the tasks at hand. With concrete measures, you can complete inspections and house handover protocols. Simultaneously, you can automate time-consuming data entry and use the time saved to focus on the big picture and maximize property sales and rentals.

How is a real estate checklist created?

Real estate checklists are usually used to prepare apartment and house properties for handover. The maintenance, management, and leasing of real estate is a complex process with different responsibility areas. When selling a house, the seller should always prepare a house handover protocol.

Only in this way is this*r legally secured and need not be liable for later defects. Therefore, especially in the real estate industry, the collection of all information is essential. All steps to be taken should be formulated clearly and unambiguously so that everyone can follow the instructions without any problems. Only in this way can the claim of completeness of the information be fulfilled. The following are four helpful hints that will help you to create a real estate checklist.

1. Define a target of the checklist

To organize a variety of tasks in the real estate industry is a complete task. Before you start to create a checklist, you should be clear about the purpose of the template. For which task should the digital template be a guideline for you?

Define an inspection or task that you have to carry out and collect all the documents you need for it. This could be information and data from past home delivery protocols, for example. Be sure to distinguish between the different tests and locations and make sure you don't mix up places and activities.

2. Visiting the property

When viewing the property, it is advantageous to use a digital property checklist to record defects, damages, but also non-defects in writing. The residential property must be inspected thoroughly. The basic prerequisite is to work carefully and to keep all problems and inspection points in view. All information must be recorded. So go through the property with the checklist and record all defects and non-defects. You must proceed in a structured way. Don't forget any room and also consider the outside areas of the building.

3. Define all tasks

After you have an overview of the residential property, you should prioritize tasks. Which checks need how much time? Are any elaborate checks in the basement necessary? Calculate the tasks and get an overview of the respective tasks.

4. Test your real estate checklist

You should test your real estate checklist by going through it once as a trial. After running through the checklist, you will find some gaps and possible errors. Adjust the checklist and go through the individual points until you have achieved your individual application's desired template. In this way, you will receive a professional checklist.

FAQs: The 3 most frequently asked questions

1. How does a digital real estate checklist help me with my work?

With a digital checklist template you have all the necessary information at a glance. You can effectively carry out checks on the property, and in case of defects, you can take appropriate measures directly via the software and contact the responsible persons. The organization of tasks is easier and more effective. Inspections are only completed when all the information has been gathered. This guarantees completeness during inspections.

2. What information goes into a house handover protocol ?

When drawing up the handover certificate, special attention should be paid to the information's completeness. A digital template will help you to keep track of everything when handing over the house. The following information should not be forgotten in the handover certificate.

  1. Check overall condition

  2. Counter readings

  3. Defects of the object

  4. No defects of the object

  5. Existing inventory, furniture

  6. Existing devices

  7. Key in multiple version

  8. Take-over of services such as Internet or waste collection >/li>
  9. Recently paid invoices

3. In which areas can digital originals be used?

Templates can be used for inspections, audits as well as quality and safety tests. Also, delivery notes, goods receipts, lists, and orders can be processed more efficiently with a template. Our template library offers a wide range of different templates for real estate.