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Real estate templates

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A real estate template helps you keep track of the tasks and inspections that need to get done in and around your property before buying and selling. It guides you through every day, week, and month, so you have a clear-cut plan to navigate your busy schedule. With a digital aid, you can automate data entry and use the time savings to focus on the big picture: maximizing property sales and rentals. You can find more forms dedicated to the internal and external property inspections in the real estate category below.

How Is a Real Estate Checklist Created?

Real estate templates are usually used to prepare an apartment, house, or property for handover. The maintenance, management, and leasing of real estate is a complex process, each with its own set of responsibilities. When preparing a house for market, the seller should always refer to the handover protocol so each of these responsibilities are met.

The following four hints will help you create a real estate checklist template.

1. Define the Template’s Goal

Before you start to create a checklist, you should be clear about the purpose. List the inspections that will need to be completed before listing or purchasing the property, and then gather the documents you will need for it. This could be information from past FHA appraisals, for example. Be sure to distinguish between the different tests and locations and make sure you don't mix up places and activities.

2. Visit Multiple Properties

When viewing the property, use a digital property template to record defects and damages, but also the selling points as well. Walkthrough the property and document what you see. Does the foundation have cracks in it? Are there any signs of sinking that could indicate a sewer line problem? Is the property in a good location? What is the overall condition? Visiting properties will help you ask the right questions and know what to look for during an inspection.

3. Define all Tasks

After you have an overview of the residential property, you should prioritize tasks. Which checks need how much time? Are any elaborate checks in the basement necessary? Calculate the cost, time, and personnel required for each inspection.

4. Test Your Real Estate Template

You should test your real estate checklist by going through a trial run. Adjust the real estate checklist template until you’ve achieved the desired results. Remember, no template will be perfect the first time around, and you’ll most likely have to continue to update your template to keep up with the local government’s changing laws anyway.

FAQs: The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does a Digital Real Estate Template Help Me?

With a digital checklist template, you can effectively carry out checks on the property. The organization of tasks is easier and more effective, and inspections are only completed when all the information has been gathered. This guarantees a thorough inspection.

2. What Information Goes Into a House Handover Protocol?

When drawing up the handover certificate, pay special attention to the information provided, or lack thereof. Look for the following information on the handover certificate:

  • Check overall condition
  • Counter readings
  • Defects found
  • No defects found
  • Existing inventory
  • Existing devices
  • Number of keys
  • Take-over of services
  • Recently paid invoices

3. In Which Cases Can Digital Real Estate Templates Be Used?

Templates can be used for audits, quality inspections, and safety checks. Also, delivery notes, goods receipts, lists, and orders can be processed more efficiently with a template. Our template library offers a wide range of real estate forms for you to choose from.