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Retail Store Operations Checklist

Use this template for organizing and managing your retail store’s daily operations. You can oversee everything from store security and housekeeping to preparing for incoming deliveries and balancing cash registers with this checklist. Get an overview of completed tasks and ones that still need to be done, and leave nothing up to the fickle human memory to forget.
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Retail Store Operations Checklist

Name of Manager

Date & Time

Store Security

All entrances and exits are free from obstructions

All safety exits clearly labeled

Non-exit doors marked as not-an-exit

Obstructions clearly marked

Are the aisles and walkways clear from any obstacles and well marked?

Any light bulbs burnt out and in need of replacement

Emergency plan established and posted

First aid kit marked and clearly accessible

First aid kit fully stocked

Any incident reports submitted during shift

Lock up store at the end of shift

Do all employees have a safe way to get home?

Conduct an exterior and interior building inspection, looking for signs of forced entry or theft

Ensure alarm system is functioning

Keep the doors locked when outside of store’s operational hours

Make sure security cameras are unobscured

Attach photo of any security concerns

Daily Housekeeping

Sweep and mop the floor at the end of each shift

Quickly Windex the windows to clear them of any smudges or fingerprints

Put up wet floor signs after mopping or in the event of a spill

Inspect and spot clean any other areas that need it

Disinfect the cash register, check out, and other areas of high-trafficked areas


Turn lights on

Turn on HAVC

Turn on electronic displays

Turn on TV and sound systems

Turn on computers, tablets, and other gadgets

Turn on POS system

Launch POS software

Outlets don’t exceed recommended amperage

Put safety coverings on exposed cords

Are all cords and cables plugged in and connected?

Attach photo of any damaged equipment or safety concerns

Cash Registers

Cash registers locked when not in use

Cash drawer starting amount

Cash drawer ending amount

Make sure all checks are endorsed

Number of sales

Number of returns

Cash on hand



Are staff members prepared for incoming deliveries at all times?

Is someone designated to handle the sign off and oversight of incoming deliveries even at busy times?


Are all staff members wearing the appropriate attire ie. uniforms, non-slick foot apparel, etc.?

Are all staff up to date on training?

Have all staff members received safety training to ensure?

Have you updated employee work schedules and sent them out?

Do all staff members follow safety protocol?

Do all staff members follow company procedure?

BOPIS Customer Service

Are employees timely with organizing and preparing order for pick up?

Are employees on time with deliveries?

Are employees prompt with taking orders out to waiting customers?

Have you assigned a staff member to monitor alerts for incoming orders?

Were there any late deliveries?

Were there any customer complaints?


Are all products in stock?

Are the shelves fully stocked?

Have you scheduled employees during off hour times to restock the shelves?

Are all products displayed up to date?

Are displays tidy, undamaged, and free of dust?

Are similar products organized and displayed next to each other?

Are all employees instructed on the safe and proper use of products?

Do employees demonstrate sufficient knowledge of products for sales purposes?

Shelf displays arranged in such a way to prevent stock from being knocked off the shelves?

List any products that were damaged, out of stock, mislabeled, out of place, etc.

Attach photo of damage

Sign Off

Any additional comments and/or concerns

Do you want to attach a photo?

Employee's full name and signature

Manager's full name and signature

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