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Stop work order template

A stop work order template is a legal tool used to halt all work on a jobsite due to health and safety violations, payment issues, contractor disputes, etc. Regardless of the reason you’ve been issued a cease work order, uncover ways to get back to work faster with this checklist.

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Stop work order template

Project Details

Project Name
Project Location
Project Description
Why was the stop order issued?
Attach photo of violation
Work Affected
Stop order issued on:
Stop order issued by:
Suspension Date:

Problem Resolution

Can the problem be resolved?
Confirm that all activities will cease until stop work order has been lifted
Plan of action to remediate the situation
Team members stopping work
Supervisor's Signature
Date of cease work
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What is a Stop Work Order Template?

A stop work order template is a document designed to halt or suspend ongoing work activities temporarily. It serves as a standardized form used by supervisors, safety officers, or regulatory bodies to communicate a directive to cease work immediately. This template outlines the reasons for issuing the order, the affected areas or tasks, and any specific instructions to follow during the suspension.

A stop work order may be issued due to various reasons, such as safety concerns, equipment malfunction, non-compliance with regulations, or environmental hazards. The template ensures consistency in the communication process and provides a clear record of the order for documentation purposes. It helps maintain transparency, promotes accountability, and facilitates the timely resolution of any issues before work can resume safely. Utilizing a stop work order template enhances workplace safety and supports compliance with regulations and best practices.

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