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Employee Bathroom Checklist: Ensure Proper Sanitation and Maintenance

A bathroom cleaning checklist is a great way to ensure that employees are complying with proper cleaning standards. Discover how digitizing your workflow can increase the quality and efficiency of bathroom sanitation procedures.

What is an Employee Bathroom Checklist?

An employee bathroom checklist is an important tool that cleaning personnel use to track sanitary tasks of workplace bathrooms. A bathroom cleaning checklist for employees can guide cleaners on how to follow specific sanitation standards while on the job. Suppose there is more than one or two personnel handling the cleaning of employee bathrooms in an organization – in that case, an employee bathroom cleaning schedule will aid the cleaning team in optimizing their tasks efficiently, and ensuring no crucial steps are missed in the process.

Besides cleaning personnel, managers and supervisors can also use an employee bathroom cleaning checklist to assess the condition of employee bathrooms and ensure the cleaning personnel follow industry-specific standards. Cleaning bathrooms in your workplace can become a struggle if you lose track of some tasks or fail to properly handle a piece of particular equipment. Even if you’re new to workplace bathroom maintenance, a workplace bathroom cleaning checklist will guide you throughout.

In addition to guiding cleaning staff in complying with cleaning standards and ensuring high productivity, an employee bathroom cleaning checklist can be used to observe the bathroom condition, supplies, and appliances like sinks or lighting fixtures. Any issues or hazard with the equipment can be easily tracked. A proper bathroom cleaning checklist for employees ensures that hygiene is maintained to prevent sickness or ailments from bacteria.

An employee bathroom cleaning checklist is essential for cleaning staff. This checklist will help cleaners conduct cleaning practices properly, and quality managers inspect employee bathrooms thoroughly.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

1. The Steps To Completing Workplace Bathroom Cleaning

2. The Importance of an Employee Bathroom Checklist

3. How Often Employee Bathroom Cleaning Should Be Done

4. How a Digital Checklist Can Ease Workplace Bathroom Sanitation

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What Are The Steps To Completing Workplace Bathroom Cleaning?

As an employee, maintaining a hygienic bathroom can be overwhelming, especially when patrons may also be using the space. Most cleaning personnel often lack the time or knowledge for effective cleaning and sanitation measures. If you’re a beginner, or want further knowledge on how to clean bathrooms more effectively, don’t hesitate to use an employee bathroom cleaning checklist. Cleaning staff should follow the steps below to complete workplace bathroom cleaning:


The bathroom space should be thoroughly observed for old and dirty linens or mats, damaged bathroom equipment, and filled wastebaskets. Before commencing sanitary activities, it’s advisable that cleaning personnel observe all of these elements, note them down, and decide on the necessary actions to take.

All bathroom linens, mats, and wastebaskets should be removed and replaced, and broken or damaged bathroom equipment must be reported to the staff manager so that they can take corrective actions and preventive measures

Disinfect & Scrub

The next step on a work bathroom cleaning checklist is to begin spraying all surfaces and bathroom fixtures with disinfectant to kill all bacteria and germs. This should be followed scrubbing with a scrub brush, disposable paper towel, or sponge. The following areas of the bathroom should be disinfected and scrubbed:

  • Shower (Faucet & Head)
  • Basins
  • Bathtub
  • Water closet
  • Bathroom walls including shower walls
  • Sinks
  • Shower door glass and bathroom door
  • Floors
  • Countertops
  • Toilets
  • Urinals

Dust & Wipe Off

The bathroom is a space that is not used for inhabitation; hence it’s likely to get invaded by spider webs, dirt, dust, etc. To ensure complete sanitation, cleaning staff should check that bathroom fixtures like lights, curtains, and vent fans are dusted. The bathroom mirror and ceiling should also be properly dusted and cleaned.

Sweep, Mop & Vacuum

The bathroom floor should be swept, vacuumed (if necessary), and mopped daily. The floor should not be left wet, but is expected to be slippery after cleaning. Because of this, a wet floor sign needs to be placed on the floor to raise patron’s awareness and ensure safety.

After cleaning, all surfaces and items in the bathroom should be adequately shined. Items and surfaces like mirrors, faucets, walls, countertops, handles, door knobs, etc. should be shined with a glass cleaner or polish. While or after cleaning, personnel should not forget to do the following:

  • Replace the old bathroom mats with new, dry ones
  • Replace the waste bin with an empty and clean one
  • Restock cleaning agents
  • Restock hand and paper towels
  • Take note of any bathroom issue

Why Is An Employee Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Important?

Without a workplace bathroom cleaning checklist, cleaning personnel can miss out on some essential details while cleaning a bathroom. Not that it’s impossible to clean without a bathroom cleaning checklist for employees, but using a work bathroom cleaning checklist eliminates inadequacies. It ensures bathroom cleaning is done completely and properly.

Using a work bathroom cleaning checklist ensures that tiny details and significant steps are taken to ensure total cleanliness. To complete cleaning the bathroom, cleaning staff need to clarify if they’ve done the following:

Utilize the vent fans to dry up excess moisture

This is to prevent fungi, mold, and bacteria from growing and spreading across and beyond the bathroom. Instead of leaving the wet floors to dry for themselves, cleaners can put on the exhaust fan for this purpose.

Inspect the bathroom area in full

There is always the possibility that dirt or grime were missed during the cleaning process, so it’s always a great idea to double-check the entirety of the bathroom after you’ve finished cleaning. Places like the rim of the sink, mirrors, and behind garbage bins should be rechecked to ensure cleanliness and that nothing was left behind or missed.

An employee bathroom cleaning checklist can also prove beneficial in facilities with numerous cleaning staff. When the number of cleaning staff in an organization is high, there is a need for proper optimization and scheduling for each staff member to know when they will be working. Using an employee bathroom cleaning schedule makes this easy to implement. While the bathroom cleaning checklist for employees is mostly useful to cleaning staff, it’s also a document that can be utilized for risk assessment, accountability, and record keeping.

How Often Should A Workplace Bathroom Be Cleaned?

Maintaining hygiene in an employee bathroom by providing sanitation measures at least once a week is mandatory. If the bathroom is for the general public, it should be cleaned daily, and multiple times if the hours of operation stem from morning to evening. Although an employee bathroom can be cleaned casually after each use, the entire bathroom area should not be left without proper sanitation for more than a week.

To ensure your bathroom stays spotless, some parts of your bathroom need to be sanitized or cleaned more than others. In order to maintain bathroom hygiene, you may tweak your work bathroom cleaning checklist to support cleaning at different intervals. Below is a list of bathroom areas and their ideal cleaning intervals:

  1. Water closet – daily or weekly, depending on usage
  2. Bathtub – weekly or bi-weekly
  3. Sink – weekly
  4. Floors – weekly or bi-weekly
  5. Vent Fan – every 4-6 month
  6. Doors and windows – weekly or bi-weekly

bathroom counter with clean sink and hand soap

How a Digital Checklist Can Ease Workplace Bathroom Sanitation

Thorough bathroom cleaning takes time and a lot of energy. Most cleaning personnel and managers already have access to a bathroom cleaning checklist to conduct the sanitation and inspection process. With the checklist at hand, you never have to guess what step to perform next. A bathroom cleaning checklist for employees already provides all the necessary steps to ensuring a sparkly clean bathroom.

However, bathroom cleaning can get a lot easier with a digital checklist. A digital employee bathroom checklist can be used on your smartphone and tablet, unlike the timely and wasteful pen and paper method. The best and most intuitive digital platform is Lumiform. Lumiform is an inspection & audit application with checklists and templates you can use to keep track of cleaning orders professionally. The Lumiform app allows you to do the following:

  • Easily generate inspection and cleaning reports that can be shared among all members of the team
  • Conduct inspections easily with the ability to take photos from your smartphone even while offline
  • Save cleaning reports and audit results on the cloud so you’ll be able to recover them anytime
  • Assign corrective actions to any cleaning staff in real-time so solutions can be implemented faster
  • Share and edit bathroom cleaning templates depending on the scope of the cleaning activity

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