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Facility Condition Assessment

Save time and work more effectively by using a digital facility condition assessment checklist.

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Facility Condition Assessment Template

A Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) Template is used to evaluate the condition of a building, its assets, and its systems needed to perform its intended function.

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Building Condition Survey Template

Use this building condition survey template to assess the physical condition of a building. Include structural, mechanical, electrical and room-level inspections.

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Commercial Building Condition Survery

Use this condition survey template to assess a property's physical condition, identify structural flaws, and provide recommendations.

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What is a facility condition assessment checklist?

Comprehensive assessment of a building's structural condition is a complex task that should be performed systematically. With the help of a detailed facility condition assessment checklist, architects, engineers, and skilled workers can identify areas that need major investments for maintenance, repairs, or renovations.

A careful survey should always be conducted prior to any renovation in order to estimate the effort that will be required and the associated costs.

This article deals with the following topics:

1. The 3 aspects of a facility condition assessment checklist

2. The content of a technical facility condition assessment checklist

3. How to do a dimensional facility condition assessment checklist

4. A digital solution to streamline facility condition assessments

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3 Aspects of a Facility Condition Assessment Checklist

A successful inventory of the building illuminates a variety of aspects. Through this very thorough assessment of the object, errors and risks can be identified at an early stage. Three supporting aspects of the inventory for a building follow:

  1. Surroundings - inspection of the surrounding landscape, sidewalks, and parking lots, as well as assessment of the risk for flooding, natural disasters, and the like.
  2. Composition of the building - inspection of the structure, foundation, floors and ceilings, etc.
  3. Systems and Equipment - Inspection of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems for proper operation.

Content of a technical facility condition assessment checklist

A checklist is an adequate tool to document and evaluate an existing building in detail. In a technical facility condition assessment, the focus is on the individual components of the structure. They are each assessed according to several evaluation criteria and their condition is classified.

The evaluation criteria are based on the component area. For example, in the case of exterior walls, the load-bearing behavior, moisture protection, moisture protection base, thermal insulation and special components are evaluated. For the stairwell, on the other hand, it is the floor, walls, wall surface and apartment doors.

Typical evaluation criteria of a facility condition assessment checklist are:

  1. Construction
  2. Supporting behavior
  3. Moisture protection
  4. Surface
  5. Heat/sound insulation
  6. Condition of the walls
  7. Roofing
  8. Supply lines
  9. Heat generators
  10. Pest infestation

The facility condition assessment can be divided into three levels: "good", "sufficient" and "poor". The measures to be taken are then derived from the condition assessment. As a rule, this involves the complete renewal of the component or the more cost-effective repair. In each facility condition assessment checklist should be left beyond that sufficiently place for further remarks to the component area.

Typical elements of the building structure that are asked about in a technical facility condition assessment checklist are:

  1. Exterior/Interior Walls
  2. Exterior windows
  3. Exterior/interior doors
  4. Roof, interior and exterior
  5. Stairwells & stairways
  6. Heating systems
  7. Sanitary/electrical installations
  8. House connections
  9. Basement
  10. Exterior installations

The content of the dimensional facility condition assessment checklist

The dimensional facility condition assessment is an indispensable requirement of any old building renovation. It must therefore be included in a checklist for the as-built survey of an old building.

The dimensional facility condition assessment involves either just checking existing plans or a completely new survey of the existing building fabric. The latter must be performed if the existing construction plans are incomplete and/or factually incorrect. In the former case, the first step is to determine whether the plans reflect the latest documentation with all subsequent changes or whether they are outdated.

Before a new complete new dimensional inventory is made, research should be done to see if plans of more recent date cannot be located. These can also be handicraft drawings of subsequent installations of heating and plumbing systems. These checkpoints for a dimensional inventory can be well mapped in a checklist. That way, no step will be forgotten.

If a complete dimensional facility condition assessment becomes necessary after reviewing the plans, it should be combined with the results of the technical facility condition assessment. Deficiencies and weak points shall be noted in plans and recorded by a coordinating system.

Streamline facility condition assessments digital

With Lumiform's mobile app, you can easily perform any type of as-built survey via tablet or smartphone - online or offline. With the desktop software, you create your digital checklists and evaluate the data collected in the field. Your assessments are immediately stored in the cloud, so that all construction managers can access them immediately and always. This significantly reduces the risk of documentation errors, loss of information, and damage to your reputation.

Digitize your facility condition assessment with Lumiform and reap the benefits for you and your team's work:

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  • All results from your checks are automatically bundled into a report and can be immediately sent to stakeholders.
  • Extensive analytics help you more quickly uncover areas that need quick actions.

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