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Electrical Safety Report Template

An electrical safety report template is a document used to document the results of an electrical safety inspection. This template is used to identify any potential hazards and make sure that any electrical equipment is in compliance with relevant safety regulations. The report typically includes a list of all electrical equipment that has been inspected, any observed safety violations, and any corrective action taken.

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Mains, Switchboards, Sub-boards and Earthing
Aerial service clearance satisfactory
Property poles, crossarms and hardware in good condition
Aerial mains undamaged
Aerial mains at statutory clearances from trees, buildings and structures
Aerial mains insulated where necessary
Point of attachment secure
Riser bracket earthed
Mains box, point of entry, consumers mains tails in good condition
Switchboard position satisfactory and accessible (add street view photo)
Meter numbers, type and location
Switchboard markings accurate and legible
RCD's installed on appropriate circuits
Disused circuits tagged out or disconnected and suitably terminated
Holes and gaps in switchboard suitably sealed or blanked off
Earth electrode and main earth connection installed securely
Main earth and main neutral securely connected at neutral link
Connection between neutral link and earth link securely attached where applicable
Sub-boards and outbuildings earthed correctly
Circuit protection matches cable ratings
Switchboard equipment not arcing or overheating
Pool zone and equipment correctly earthed and protected by RCD
Switchboard Details
Switchboard ID
General Condition
Type of Switchboard
Panel Material
Type of Main Switch
Number of Phases
Number of Meters
Type of Protective Devices
Circuit Designations
Other equipment
Cables and Conduits
Cables and conduits undamaged
Single insulated cables suitably enclosed
Cables suitably protected at all entry points of switchboards and equipment
Cables suitably protected where necessary
Terminal connections tight - "tug test"
Cables and conduits adequately supported where necessary
Cables in thermal insulation have suitably rated protective device
Cables and conduits exposed to weather are suitable type
External conduits and fittings suitably sealed
Disused cables correctly terminated and tagged if required
Mandatory Tests and Sequence of Testing
Earth resistance of main earthing conductor
Earth resistance of other earthed and equipotential bonded parts
Insulation resistance of installation
Consumers mains polarity test
Sub-mains polarity test
Final sub-circuit polarity test
Light switches operate in active conductor
Final sub-circuit connections test
Earth fault-loop impedance test
RCD / RCBO operational test
Details of Test Instruments Used
Brand, model and function
Security and Safety Equipment
Floodlighting in good condition, operational, with lamps and covers fitted
Security lighting in good condition, operational, with lamps and covers fitted
Rate 3 lighting in good condition, operational, with lamps and covers fitted
Switch room lighting in good condition, operational, with lamps and covers fitted
Emergency lighting operational and log book on site
Maintained exit lights functioning correctly and log book on site
Smoke / heat detectors energised and operational
Appliances, Fittings, Accessories and Equipment
Accessories and fittings are in good condition, adequately fixed and protected from weather
Appliances are in good condition, tagged and tested where required and operational
Light fittings have lamps and covers fitted where required
No internal wiring exposed on any equipment
Lamp holders securely attached to fittings
Light fittings have adequate clearances from flammable material and thermal insulation
Adequate clearance from water containers
Polarity of outlets correct
Hot water system in good condition and not leaking into electrical compartment
Barbecues, stoves / cooking equipment in good condition
Ceiling fans securely attached
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Keep Your Workplace Safe with an Electrical Safety Report Template

An electrical safety report template is a document used to record and report the findings of an electrical safety inspection. Such inspections are often required by law in order to ensure that all electrical systems and components in a given area are up to code and do not pose a safety risk to users. The template typically includes sections for identifying any electrical hazards, noting any necessary repairs or maintenance, and providing a list of recommended safety measures.

The electrical safety report template can also include photos, diagrams, and other documents to support the findings. By utilizing an electrical safety report template, businesses and organizations can ensure that their electrical systems and components comply with the relevant regulations and remain safe for use.

Overall an electrical safety audit is meant to assess the functionality of the following electrical components:

  • • Mains, switchboards, sub-boards, earthing
  • • Cables and conduits
  • • Appliances, fittings, accessories, and equipment
Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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