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Flooring Inspection Report Template

A flooring inspection checklist is a tool used by certified floor inspectors when conducting industry standard tests. Through it, they determine the quality of flooring work and the cause of flooring problems. The final floor inspection report provides full details on floor dimensions, relative humidity (RH), temperature, moisture, and any flooring problems found.

  • Easily take photos when performing the flooring inspection and add them to the digital checklist in the appropriate place.
  • Instantly assign actions to appropriate staff from the app when identifying problems.
  • Securely store all inspection data in Lumiform cloud storage, minimizing losses.
  • Instantly receive clear and complete flooring inspection reports automatically and easily share results with customers.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Flooring Inspection Report Template

Flooring Inspection Report


Commissioned by
Commission Date
Mill Claim Number


Condition of Existing Floor


Flooring thickness
Total Sqft Material Installed
% of Floor Affected
Approved Over Radiant Heat
Approved Below Grade

Exterior Evaluation

Home Faces
Relation of Lot to Street
Relation of Lot to Neighbors
Lot Drainage Away from Foundation
Slope Angle Measurement
Roof Overhang
Soil Damp at Foundation
Wet Window-wells
Signs of Moisture
Shrubs/Flowers/Planter Boxes at Foundation
Established Landscape
Water Source/Swimming Pool Nearby
Proximity to Structure
Visible Cracks in Foundation
Visible Exterior Damage
Building is over

Below Flooring System Evaluation

Crawl Space Evaluation

Crawl Space
Condensation Present
Standing Water Present
Alkali/Discoloration on Foundation Walls
Vapor Retarder Present
Seams Overlapped (inches)
Seams Sealed
Method of Sealing
Plastic Taped up Foundation Walls
Percent of Ground Covered (%)
Insulation between Joists
Insulation on Foundation Walls
Vents Present
Number of Vents
Humidistat Installed

Basement Evaluation

Date Completed
Walk Out
Specify Side(s) below ground level
Wall Cracks Present
Sump Pump
HVAC Vents Open to Basement
Signs of Moisture Damage
Peeling Paint
Floor Stains
Rusty Nails
Gapped Trim or Moldings


Additional Comments
Name of Floor Inspector
Signature of Floor Inspector
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