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Journey Management Checklist Template

Driving for work is the riskiest activity that most employees will face. Take a few minutes to confirm you and your vehicle are prepared for the journey, even if it’s a short trip.

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Journey Management Checklist Template





Consider the Options

The safest option is to not travel at all. Before you get behind the wheel, consider whether you need to make the trip. If travel is necessary, consider the alternatives to driving.

I have considered the alternatives to travel – online meeting, telephone call, e-mail, video conference – but have determined that it is necessary to travel to attend an in-person meeting.

I have considered travel options – air, bus, walk, cycle, public transit – and decided that driving is the optimal way to get to where I need to go.

Driver Preparation

Human error is a significant factor in most crashes. Reduce the risk that you could make a costly driving mistake by ensuring you are physically and mentally prepared.

I have had a good night’s rest. I am feeling well-rested, have a positive state of mind, and am ready to undertake this journey.

I am fit to drive. I am not under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications that may impair my ability to operate the vehicle.

I have had something to eat, and I have a snack and water with me. If my trip is more than two hours, I have allotted time in my schedule to stop stretch my legs, have a snack, and hydrate.

My employer, customers, and clients are aware I will be unavailable to answer calls, texts, or emails while driving.

Vehicle Preparation

A “fit for purpose”, properly equipped, well-maintained vehicle will minimize the likelihood that a mechanical failure will delay your journey, or contribute to a motor vehicle incident.

I have inspected the vehicle and confirm it is in good working order. There are no defects that must be repaired before I can operate the vehicle.

The vehicle is appropriate for the journey, and equipped for the weather and road conditions I may encounter.

The vehicle is ready for me to drive - the seat, headrest, controls, and mirrors are adjusted for me.

I have a cell phone, an emergency kit, my driver’s license, and appropriate insurance coverage.

Journey Plan

Planning ahead reduces your stress level and leaves you free to concentrate on driving.

I know where I am going, and the route I will take. I have identified an alternate route in case I encounter unexpected traffic delays, road closures or poor driving conditions.

My employer (or co-worker) knows my route, my destination, and when I will be traveling. I will check in with them to confirm I have safely arrived.

I have checked local traffic conditions (e.g. local radio), and road conditions.




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