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Quality Assurance Inspection Report Template

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Quality Assurance Inspection Report Template



Signed Customer/insurance authorization obtained

Estimate of Record/supplements in PDF file

PDF/Scanned proper documents

Tow Bill posted

Required Photos in CMS

VIR filled in correctly

Upsell on UPD

Autowatch completed (at least one image each business day while vehicle has been on site)

Proof of communication (documented in UCMS, who spoken to, what about, any questions & next call)

Manufactures repair data (supporting data refers to estimate)

Liquid Mask & other protective covers applied ( Liquid mask applied on all none repair panels & convertible roofs covered)

Initial documentation in vehicle ( windshield tag, VIR form, ID sheet, QC sheet)

Work order in vehicle ( up to date work order in vehicle reflecting work being pro-formed )

Repair admin details on vehicle ( details note on glass In & out date, RO#, Insurance company, DE, area of damage & special instructions )

Repairs are "mapped out"/UPD noted

100% Teardown completed/bagged parts ( all parts are completely tore-down, small items are placed in bags )

QC sign off completed

Body / Frame

Body / Frame Repairs

Work performed matches appraisal

Welds (any missing, not ground down, poor quality)

Rocker flanges repaired ( both outer & inner sides)

Seam sealers & foams applied (correct seam sealer & foams applied in all areas to a consistent OEM standard)

Corrosion protection/undercoating applied (all corrosion protection applied inside of panels & cavities, under coating applied under side of replaced & repaired panels)

Body lines & gaps ( all repaired & replacement panels align & body lines are to OEM standards)

Filler work (smooth to the correct grit, straight & no pin holes)

Bolt on panels (no holes elongated)

External parts properly stored on carts (all parts on part carts & organized)

Internal parts properly stored on carts ( all internal trim stored on parts carts & protected)

Frame specs in CMS (image of frame spec before & final in CMS files)

Wheel Alignment (wheel alignment specs scanned into CMS)

QC Sheet signed off (QC sheet correct sign off on body\frame departments)

Body Tech

Frame tech



Worked performed matches appraisal (work completed matches the work order in the vehicle)

Chip guard applied (chip guard applied to match OEM standards)

Jamb & underside painted (All jambs & underside painted panels matches OEM standards)

Color matches & spray out card (all painted panel matches existing paint finishes & spray out card completed or in painters library)

Blends are invisible ( all blends are consistent to OEM paint finishes)

No imperfection in paint work ( no dirt, no fish eyes, no runs & texture matches OEM finishes)

No tape lines or overspray ( no tape lines on any panel edges or joints & no overspray on vehicle )

Buffing, polishing & cleaned ( all panels are buffed, polished & cleaned before assembly )

QC sheet sign off completed ( QC sheet sign of correctly )




Exterior washed & detailed correctly ( complete exterior of the vehicle washed & detailed )

Windows cleaned ( all glass cleaned inside & outside. No overspray )

Strips & decals installed ( all body stripe, decals & labels installed to original or OEM standards )

Tires pressures checked & tire dressing applied ( all tire pressures check against recommend posted pressures in door jams & not on tire. Dressing applied to a consistent level )

Fluid levels checked ( engine oil & transmission oil levels checked & noted on QC sheet if low. Radiator & solvent levels all topped off at recommend levels )

Battery charged & cables tight

Door, hood & trunk jambs clean ( all jambs clean & free off overspray )

All light working ( all external & internal lights working )

Touch up paint in vehicle ( touch paint in approved bottle & in safe area in vehicle )

All old parts removed from vehicle ( all old parts removed from vehicle unless customer requested to safe old parts, then placed in bag in the trunk of the vehicle )

Stereo system & gps set ( all audio system & GPS working to OEM standards )

Convenience systems working correctly ( all drive aids working to OEM standards )

QC sheet signed off ( QC sheet signed off correctly and noted any problems )




Final billing process completed

DRP requirements followed

Comments & Final Sign off

Total & comments

Return to save audit screen and enter the percentage score by using the slider

Comments on the completed Quality Assurance Inspection

Damage Evaluator

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