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Stay supplied with a first aid kit checklist

Use a digital first-aid kit monthly checklist template to regularly check the contents of first-aid kits in your facility.

Why use a first aid kit monthly checklist template?

A first aid kit monthly checklist template ensures that everything is complete, within expiration dates and properly stored. Such checklists are regularly used by external or in-house first aid kit auditors

Regular testing ensures that sufficient resources are available for first aid during the critical minutes between the onset of injury and the arrival of emergency medical personnel.

This article addresses the following topics:

1. Specifications for first aid kits

2. Tips for checking the contents of the first aid kit

3. The digital first aid kit checklist

First aid kit specifications

The first-aid kit is required by law to be carried in every vehicle on the road and in companies as part of occupational health and safety regulations. The contents of the first aid kit are subject to standardized provisions, which are regulated according to various DIN standards. The DIN 13157 and DIN 13169 are of primary importance for occupational safety. Among other things, they specify what the contents of the respective first-aid kit must have.

The legislator has not specified testing intervals for the inspection of first aid materials. The testing periods are to be determined by the employer the context of the risk assessment according to § 5 Work Protection Law in conjunction with § 3 Workplace Ordinance. The provisions on technical occupational health and safety state that first-aid materials must be supplemented or replaced after use, when they become unusable, or after the expiration date has passed.

How many first-aid kits a company must provide for its employees depends on the size of the company and the Technical Rules for Workplaces ASR A4.3. The latter also regulate the equipment and means for first aid as well as the requirements for first aid rooms for all those who want to set up or operate a workplace.

In general, establishments in manufacturing, processing, and similar industries must provide more first aid kits per employee than administrative and manual establishments.

Tips for checking the contents of the first-aid kit

The regulations for the contents of first-aid kits in companies are clear. The dressing material and the necessary accessories to be able to provide first aid are to be checked regularly for completeness and unadulteratedness. The contents of a first aid kit may vary depending on the specific requirements and necessities of a workplace.

In addition, it is important to ensure that the box is safely stored in a work area that is accessible to all. The following tips will help you regularly check the contents of your first aid kit(s) to maintain a safe work environment in your facility:

  1. Keep track
    The first aid kit and its contents should be visibly placed and easily accessible to all employees. Be sure to communicate the proper use of the contents in the first-aid kit. Also, you or the office manager should be notified when supplies have been used or are missing. The first-aid log also provides information on this.

  2. Recognize risks through safety controls
    In addition, instead of just providing the medical care necessary for accidents and injuries, you should focus on preventing such incidents. Regular hazard assessments in your work area will help. Make sure unnecessary obstacles are removed, equipment is well placed, and the work area is clean and tidy at all times.

  3. Create a plan for inspections
    To ensure the maintenance of the first aid kit and safety checks in the office, you should schedule regular inspections or assign a staff member to act as an inspector. It may be helpful to contact OSH experts for advice. You should also be aware of the specific requirements for occupational safety and health inspections in your industry.

  4. Know the necessary contents of the first aid kit
    In every first aid kit, there are standard medicinal plasters, quick wound dressings, plaster strips, bandage packets and bandage cloths, compresses, triangular cloth, scissors, fixation bandage, non-woven cloth as well as disposable gloves. In addition, rescue blanket, eye compress, mesh bandage and first aid booklet are in the first aid kit.

    A table of contents and the first-aid booklet make it easier to check that the materials are complete. According to the regulations, this may be accompanied by other first-aid dressing materials. Inform yourself about the regulations that apply to your operation and keep your knowledge up to date.

A digital checklist for the first aid kit

With a digital first aid kit monthly checklist template, you can easily perform regular checks of the contents via tablet or smartphone – online or offline. With the desktop software, you create your checklists for the first aid kit and then evaluate the collected data. For example, you can immediately pass on the information about missing dressing materials to Purchasing.

By using the mobile app for your first aid kit monthly checklist template, you significantly reduce the risk of missed inspection intervals, documentation errors, and reputational damage. In addition to the inspection of first aid kits, the digital tool supports you with its checklists in other areas of occupational health care. Take advantage of the other benefits for your daily work:

  • The flexible form builder helps you turn any custom paper list into digital checklists in minutes

  • Lumiform offers over 9,000 pre-built templates to help you get started digitally quickly and confidently.

  • Using the super intuitive mobile app, you can take any exam in the field with your teammates in a foolproof, time-saving way.

  • All audit results are automatically bundled into one report and can be sent to stakeholders.

  • Extensive analyses help you uncover inefficient areas in your company faster and thus continuously improve audit processes.

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