Physical Security Assessment

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Facility Security Assessment Checklist

Use this template for an efficient and reliable assessment of the safety of a facility.

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Port Facility Security Assessment (PFSA)

Use this checklist for the Port Facility Security Assessment (PFSA) and for conducting a security analysis of all aspects of operation.

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What is a Physical Security Assessment Checklist?

A checklist for security assessment concept in a building describes the measures that are necessary to improve building security. With the help of the checklist, solutions are defined to achieve the desired security distance in the future through a Facility Security Plan (FSP).

In this article the following topics are briefly discussed:

1. 6 critical steps in safety assessments of buildings

2. A digital solution for the factual accuracy of the evaluation of building security

6 critical steps in the building safety assessment

Security concepts aim to generate adequate building security. Criminals continue to pose a threat to the most complex security systems. Without appropriate security measures, building occupants are exposed to threats that can be associated with high risks.

To ensure the effectiveness of a security concept in a physical facility, a building security checklist should be based on the following four key points:

1. definition of the current status and determination of potential risks

Each building has its own infrastructure and weak points in the building's security concept. Describe the building and its location to identify current threats from technical, organizational or criminal risks.

2. protection requirements analysis

Which elements should potentially be protected to enable the highest possible building security.

3. threat analysis & risk assessment

Once the elements to be protected have been determined, the respective safety hazards must be that pose a threat to them. A risk assessment is then drawn up, which forms the basis for the security concept.

4. protection target definition

The definition of the protection goals is both a prerequisite for the safety concept and the basis for the verifiability of the effectiveness of the goals.

5. definition of the safety measures

On the basis of the defined requirements for the safety concept, the measures are now defined.

6. review of safety measures

Preferably every 2 years the security concept should be checked and adjusted to ensure the highest possible building security.

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