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Trade Templates

62 templates

A trade template will be your guide to material procurement, process and task descriptions, and work reports in the trades sector. Not only do they serve a purpose in the production of trade components, but they also help when assembling parts and equipment. The trades industry has many moving parts, including planning activities according to the customer's wishes, preparing offers, and instructing customers on how to use and assemble the product.

A personalized trade template can be of great advantage in all of these areas. It allows for a more efficient and organized work structure while leaving a digitalized paper trail. You can carry out checks cost-effectively on-site, in production, or on the customer's premises. Browse Lumiform’s library of over 50 trade templates below!

How to Create a Checklist Template for the Trades?

The more specific and target-oriented the template, the more efficiently tasks can be processed. Checklist templates must be professionally and carefully structured to maintain an effective organizational system. A template is worth its weight in gold, especially for activities that are highly detail-oriented or performed infrequently.

The following five steps will help you to create checklist templates for planning, repair, and production tasks:

1. Chose a Design

An important factor in their creation is the simple design of the checks. This ensures that employees and customers understand the template at first sight and that no questions remain unanswered. Comprehensibly designed templates also facilitate the subsequent evaluation of the information.

2. Save Valuable Time

Use digital templates to check your equipment and materials for completeness. Position yourself as a reliable and high-quality company by adapting your templates to meet your operational characteristics.

3. Minimize Deficiencies at Work

By using a digital template, you can detect and eliminate defects early on. This leads to fewer weak points in the manufacturing and delivery process.

4. Leave Room for Comments

Trade work comprises many tasks with extensive activities and examinations. A template for production acceptance tests in the trade work alone can vary greatly, depending on the particular job. The importance of comments, notes, or recommendations on the respective form is critical to meet the order’s completeness requirement.


5. Test the Trades Template

Testing the trades template is the only way you can identify any gaps and errors. Based on the results, you update and adapt your template until you’re sure it will hold up against every variable or deviation you can throw at it.

FAQs: The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Trade Templates

Can Work Safety in the Trade Industry Be Improved With a Checklist Template ?

Regular site inspections and safety measures can greatly reduce workplace accidents. Because of the structured nature of checklist template, all safety precuations are checked one after another.

What Are the Advantages of a Checklist Template in the Trade Industry?

Trade templates and checklists save time, facilitate communication, and increase workplace safety. Order information and instructions can easily be kept track of so that project deadlines and order fulfillment are always on time.

Do Trade Templates Fulfill the Documentation Obligation?

All delviery orders, control, protocols, and checks are done with Lumiform’s digital app and software. Employees receive work orders with the forms they need to fill out. After the job is completed, all data is archived in the cloud. This ensures that no documents are lost, and managers always have an up-to-date overview of current, planned, and completed tasks.