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Safety HACCP Audit

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Is area clean and free of debris?
Are chemicals labeled and stored in proper containers?
Is equipment pearly cleaned and maintained - no temporary repairs , tape, ties, hand made adapters?
Are walkways, stairs, aisles, access areas, pest control borders and electric panel access areas clean and free of all obstructions?
Are waste cans properly maintained and empty - do not contain food or beverage products?
Is personal property stored in correct (off production floor) designated locations?
Is material stored in a neat and organized manner?
There are no food or beverage products stored in drawers, cabinets, etc. in production areas or offices?
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Are fire exits clear and free do debris or obstructions?
Fire extinguishers are inspected and sign-off is up to date?
Emergency exist are clearly marked and signs are not blocked in any manner?
Emergency evacuation plans are posted and current?
Flammable chemicals are stored in appropriate containers and in fire lockers if applicable?
First Aid Stations clearly marked and stocked?
MSDS Stations access able and up to date?
Verified that at least 1 chemical in area is found in MSDS Binder?
Eye Wash Stations are clean and operate properly?
Blood borne Pathogen kit readily available?
Emergency Action Plan current?
Emergency Spill Kit readily accessable?
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Rotating shafts properly guarded?
Barrier guards undamaged and properly secured?
Point-of-operation and pinch points adequately guarded?
Fixed equipment properly anchored to prevent movement?
LOTO in use or verified proper use?
Main alarms and E-stops clearly marked, easily accessible and function properly?
Wiring and piping enclosed and free do damage or fraying?
Equipment is clean and free of excess debris?
Cleaning / Inspection Checklist verified performed and up to date?
Pallet jacks and industrial trucks are in proper working order? Inspection checklists verified?
Proper use of lifts and jacks? Proper license worn in visible manner by associates?
Proper clearance and accessibility around wall panel boxes?
Proper outlet covers, panel slots and knockout plugs on all outlets, switches and junction boxes?
Proper labeling of all breakers? All labels are descriptive and legible?
Use of extension cords and outlets conform to all standards?
Containers labelled with proper NFPA, HazCom or similar approved type? Proper information displayed?
Hazardous waste in proper containers and storage areas?
MSDS books and sheets readily accessable?
Hazardous chemicals on approved chemicals list?
Safety shoes worn in appropriate manner?
Proper PPE in use for specified area?
Gloves and other PPE properly maintained?
Log hair properly restrained in a safe manner?
No items stored in pockets that are above the waist?
Jewelry is not worn in a manner that could pose a risk to personnel or product safety?
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Pest control station in proper working order? Free of debris and damage? In proper locations to map and signs?
Outside access doors closed and secure when not in use? Not proper open? Not left open and unattended?
All tobacco products not used or disposed of on property?
Food not consumed in production areas? No chewing of gum or candy in production designated ares?
Wash hand signs posted in rest rooms, break rooms?
Employees practice personal hygiene at all times?
Stored product is properly covered to avoid contamination?
All visitors adhere to Product / Food Safety and Visitor Safety GMP's?
Trailer logs and cleaning checklists up to date?
All lighting is adequately shielded to prevent product contamination?
All Non-conforming Product is properly marked and stored away from production product?
Wood and plastic is check for wear and damage to prevent product contamination and personnel injury?
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Is this audit reviewing the exterior?
No leaks in roof, piping, floors or walls?
Dock plates are in proper and safe working order?
Walls are free of cracks, damage, peeling paint and other defects
Parking areas clear of damage or wear that would create an unsafe situation?
No broken or cracked brittle plastic or glass?
No standing water or weeds within 48" off building?
Exterior man doors are in proper and safe working order? Proper light seals are in place?
Dock doors are in proper and safe working order? No light leaks?
List any major immediate at risk findings
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Describe needed immediate repair or lockout
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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