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Fire Drill

Conduct a successful fire drill in your company using a checklist.

See our ready-made templates:

Fire Drill Checklist Template

Use this template to evaluate an end-to-end process of evacuation drill.

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Fire Drill Log Form

A fire drill log is used to document, identify, and track the number of participants who joined the evacuation dril.

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Fire Safety Checklist Template

Use this fire safety checklist template to conduct fire safety compliance audits of buildings and premises.

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What is a fire drill checklist?

In case of fire, buildings must be evacuated quickly and all employees are required to go to the assembly point. Such fire drills or evacuation exercises are held at regular intervals.

When a fire drill takes place, proper planning and documentation of the process is paramount. Safety officers can use fire drill checklists to plan the emergency procedure and contribute significantly to the safe coordination of business emergency plans. In addition, the data collected from the fire drill can then be evaluated to improve and make future fire and evacuation drills more efficient. Fire drills are one part of overall company fire safety. Make sure you are aware of the requirements and regulations for inspecting and maintaining fire extinguishers as part of your overall fire safety procedures.

This article contains of:

1. 3 tips for fire safety drills

2. 4 important checkpoints for the fire drill checklist

3. The benefits of a digital solution for the fire drill checklist

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3 tips for fire drills

An evacuation drill should be carried out regularly, taking into account all possible risk factors. Even small deficiencies in the procedure can lead to devastating, even fatal, consequences. Therefore, every building or company should inform itself about the procedure and the correct communication of the behavior in an emergency and coordinate the procedure to avoid ambiguities. Important factors for the emergency plan are, for example, the meeting points in case of an emergency, the exact evacuation procedure, and the existing or necessary equipment.

The following 3 steps support the planning of the fire drill checklist procedure and promote an efficient and regulated procedure:

  • Lay down the emergency plan together
    Plan together what to expect during the emergency drill and organize teams for specific tasks. Be aware that unexpected problems may occur. Consult with trained firefighters who are responsible in case of an emergency. Communicate the emergency evacuation plan clearly and discuss behaviour during the exercise.
  • Communicate & document the process to everyone.
    People with special needs should be given special attention.
  • Analyse the process evaluate the whole process
    Identify the risks and take action to improve. Then create a report to comply with regulatory requirements.

4 important check points for the fire checklist

1. Evacuation and emergency routes

  1. Marking of emergency and rescue routes
  2. Accessibility of emergency exit doors
  3. Transparency of flight path plans
  4. Review of assembly point sign

2. Alamination routes

  1. Check sirens
  2. Check the emergency numbers

3. Evacuation areas and buildings

  1. Access points to the building
  2. Building plans with basement and floor details
  3. Water supply and hydrants
  4. Smoke and heat vents

4. Evacuation

  1. Control of assembly points and signage
  2. Check evacuation signals
  3. Keep traffic routes clear for the fire brigade
  4. Clearly defined duties of fire safety assistants

Benefits of a digital solution for fire drill checklists

Lumiform is a digital application for inspections and audits. With a digital app, you can easily plan and conduct regular fire drills via tablet or smartphone. online or offline. With the desktop version, you create checklists or download one from our extensive template library.

You won't forget a single step of the fire drill thanks to a digital checklist. The app guides you through the exam without missing any important points. All collected data is securely stored in the cloud. Clean and transparent documentation helps you to carry out the fire drill properly.

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