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AHU Maintenance Checklist

In this template, you’ll find all the necessary steps to keeping your air handling unit in optimal working condition. Any misaligned V belt pulleys, loose screws, or crooked coiling can all take a toll on the energy output of your unit. Use this checklist to ensure that your building remains heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.

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AHU Maintenance Checklist

Air Handling Unit Maintenance General Condition

Clean or replace filters, bag filters, and pre filters if they are dirty or past its service date
Check the unit for excess vibration or noise
Degrease then lubricate motor, blower, and fan shaft bearings
Condition of V belts
Check pulleys, motor belts, and V belts to make sure they are aligned and working properly
Tighten set screws
Check heating and cooling coils are working
Check heating and cooling coils to ensure they are straight and secure
Inspect electrical wiring and controls
Are any of the heating and cooling coils loose?
Is the ductwork free from dirt, dust, and debris?
Is there any damage to the wiring or coils?
Are the insulation and vapor barriers intact and working?
Is there any evidence of rust and corrosion within or on the outside of the unit?
Drain and clean the condensation pan
Is the unit's bypass valve opening and closing properly?
Is the evaporator coil drain clogged?
Are the necessary guards, support, and mounting bolts all present and properly secured?

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