Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey Form

Use this customer satisfaction form to gather feedback from consumers who visit your retail shop. Ensure that the survey kiosks are simple to locate by putting signs. This form covers an assessment of the shop’s appearance, products and assistance offered, pricing, personnel and the overall purchasing experience. Get insights from consumers within the comments and suggestions field. Customers have the possibility to record their name and give a digital signature at the end. Use Lumiform to collect data and decide what areas need to be changed. Compile all customer surveys over all branches and use the analytics feature to hunt overall customer satisfaction.

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Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey Form


Was the shop's appearance good?

Was the service or product you needed available?

Was your request addressed appropriately?

Did the cashier assist you in a timely method?

Was the personell friendly and accommodate?

Do you think the price of the product was reasonable?

Overall, are you happy with your visit?

Comments and Suggestions

Share with us a few ideas on how the product/shop could do better.


Customer's name and signature (Optional):