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1. All guards around moving parts in place

2. Compressor operating within a safe working pressure as indicated on gauge

3. Receiver lines drained daily

4. Compressor within secure area to prevent unauthorised access (lockable cage)

5. Combustible material located outside secure area

6. Compressor / pipe work / fittings free from oil leaks

7. Compressor in safe working condition

8. Compressor maintained according to manufacturer's specification

9. Compressor serviced annually

10. Records (COC) kept – annual / 3 year pressure test

11. Manufacturer's plate clearly legible

12. 3-Year pressure test conducted by certified contractor

13. Record of contractor PV# kept on file

14. 3-Year pressure test certificate still valid

15. Compressor located outside hazardous area

16. Weekly checks for air leaks / oil level / belt guard / water drained conducted

17. Are noise levels at site boundary within acceptable limits (45dBa in built up residential area)

18. Log book available and in use

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