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Maintenance Plan Templates

59 templates

Take care of the heart of maintenance planning more effectively with our list of standard templates. Coordinate contractors, instructions, workers, schedules, spare parts, and actual work more easily. If you want to save time and money, you’ll need a preventive maintenance plan. Effective maintenance planning and scheduling ensure a safer and more cost-efficient work environment for asset-intensive businesses. The content of your templates will help you enable the continued use of a facility at optimum performance. In this way, you avoid significant downtime or unforeseen equipment replacements as long as you and your team adhere to the established guidelines.

A digital template offers you a significant advantage: Thanks to the mobile app, you can access your schedule anytime and anywhere via smartphone or tablet. On-site, you can take photos of equipment damage, add notes to inspections, and assign incidents to the appropriate people via the app. Communication between employees is also simplified by using a digital solution like Lumiform. Incidents can be resolved up to four times faster than before, as response time to messages is significantly reduced. Use Lumiform to strengthen collaboration and perform maintenance efficiently to identify difficulties and issues early. Download your first digital template today and improve your maintenance management.

The idea behind maintenance planning is to ensure that you maintain the proper operating condition of the equipment. An effective plan must include all the terms of your facility's maintenance policy. In the template, you should list the complete inventory of the facility that is to be maintained. The list, which includes boilers, pumps, and roofs, ensures that you don't leave out any important parts of the facility. Check out our exhaustive list of digital templates to find the right template for your facility. Lumiform provides you with pre-made templates that include all components and tasks. Our flexible form builder allows you to update your template at any time to fit the needs of your facility.