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Maritime Templates

22 templates

Why are digital checklist templates used in shipping?

A checklist is a helpful document created for different audits, maintenance and inspections. Ready-to-use and professional templates facilitate the administrative tasks in shipping.

You save time and make sure that all relevant information is requested. Nothing is overlooked anymore, and the claim of completeness in the completion of tasks is always kept.

A digital checklist template is welcome to support for job starters, trainees or temporary staff in the shipping industry during their initial training. The new work areas and daily tasks are thus more easily accessible.

Questions or comments, as well as problems, can be clarified directly via the mobile app. For recurring and routine inspections and work, digital checklist templates help ensure that things are not forgotten and that quality standards are always kept high.

Shipping templates are successfully used in all areas of shipping. Procedures and manufacturing processes can be accelerated, and there is more time to deal with other tasks. At the same time checklists serve to increase and guarantee general safety.

Templates can be successfully used in the shipping industry for the following areas:

  • for ship inspection,
  • for the introduction of new employees,
  • for the port facility security assessment,
  • as a template for the fumigation,
  • for cleaning work,
  • for mechanical inspections,
  • or for the inspection of tankers

You can either use the checklists from our versatile template library or create your individual checklist for your work. Your templates are your guide for the daily or occasional checks and tasks that arise in the shipping industry. With a checklist, you go step by step through all inspection points without forgetting important tasks.

How do I use digital checklist templates efficiently?

Shipping templates help you to control administrative and logistical tasks. It is recommended that the organization uses a digital checklist to ensure that your shipping company properly complies with quality and safety standards. The time between planning, production process, inspections and communication between employees and external parties is faster and more efficient.

Checklist templates are also important in the shipping industry for another reason: numerous legal regulations must comply within the industry, some of which require regular inspections and long-term documentation. Therefore, it makes sense to rely on a uniform and digital checklist system with which all necessary data can be clearly and wholly queried and easily updated.

How is a digital shipping template created?

A checklist template can be used in the shipping industry as a form and a classic checklist for complete and efficient audits and inspections. The purpose of the template should be determined before its creation. This is the only way to create a detailed, professional and target-oriented checklist for your application.

Keep space for comments

Checklist templates should generally be as specific and detailed as possible. However, each individual check is different. Leave enough space for comments, instructions or similar notes. In this way, additional aspects can be added to the checklist information. This is very useful in certain situations.

Test your checklist template before use

You should test your shipping checklist by running it once as a trial. You will probably find some gaps and possible errors. Adjust the checklist and go through the points again until you have achieved the desired result. This way you will get a smooth checklist for your individual application.

FAQs: The 3 most frequently asked questions about shipping checklists

What advantages do digital templates offer for the shipping industry?

Digitizing checklist templates in the various application areas of shipping offers numerous advantages for work. For example, employees* and customers have easier access to the information. Step by step, they are guided through the tasks and do their work efficiently and completely. There is no paper chaos; the information does not get lost and is always available in digital form. Those who use desktop software and apps for their checklists in shipping can also save time by completing their incident management, reporting and analyses digitally.

In which areas can checklist templates be successfully applied?

In all shipping areas, templates for inspections, audits and quality checks are a help. Besides, checklist templates help you create a shift or cleaning schedules and safety checklists or employee interviews, among other things.

Does the shipping industry comply with the documentation obligation by using a digital checklist?

In most shipping industry areas, there is a documentation obligation, especially in safety. Digital inspections and audits with checklists make this easier by storing them in the cloud and archiving them immediately after inspection. Once the documentation period has expired, they can be deleted. Documents can also be accessed at any time and from anywhere when they are needed.