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Machine Guarding Checklist Template

This template covers the pre-operation and post-operation checks. Pre-operation checks are conducted to evaluate the condition of machine guards and the protection and training of the workers. Begin with a description of the work, the names of employees and the type of guards to be inspected.

Check the machine guards and determine if sufficient to prevent body parts from making contact with dangerous moving parts. Evaluate workers if they have sufficient knowledge of the machine, its operation including the guard types. Ensure that all workers are wearing appropriate protection and are following safe handling instructions when using machinery.

The post-operation check is for determining if all machine guards are in good condition and that all incidents have been reported to the supervisor. Other observations, comments, and overall assessment are also noted.

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Machine Guarding Checklist Template


Description of work to be performed

List down the name of employees working on machines

Choose the type of guards



Are all machine guards in good condition?

Do machine guards prevent workers hands, arms, and other body parts from making contact with dangerous moving parts of machine?

Are all machine guards firmly secured and not easily removed?

REFERENCE: Machine guards that are secured and cannot be easily removed [This is an example of how you can use Lumiform to include best practice reference images in your templates to assist with inspections]

Do machine guards ensure that no objects fall into the moving parts?

Do machine guards permit safe, comfortable, and relatively easy operation of the machine?

Are all pulleys and belts on working level properly guarded?

Are all moving chains and gears properly guarded?

Are all fan blades protected with a guard with opening not larger than the standard size?

Can the machine be oiled without removing the machine guards?

Does the machinery automatically shut down when machine guard is removed?

Do machine guards prevent operators to access machinery while in operation?

Do machine guards protect against hazards to the rear and sides of machinery?

Is warning sign placed around the machine?


Are all operators trained on how machine guards work?

Do operators have the necessary education and training in how to use the guards?

Do operators know the procedure when guards are damaged, missing or inadequate?

Are all operators trained on how and under what circumstances guards can be removed?


Are all employees wearing appropriate PPE?

Do employees follow safe handling instruction using machineries?

Are all employees aware of emergency procedures in case of an accident involving machinery?

Is adequate supervision provided to ensure that employees are following safe machine operating procedures?


Are all machine guards in good condition?

Is lock-out tag placed when removing machine guard?

Are all machine updates were escalated to a supervisor?

Are all incidents reported to a supervisor?


Observation or recommendations

Overall assessment

Inspector's Name and Signature

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