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Noise Risk Assessment Template

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra
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Noise Risk Assessment Template

Part A - Survey Paramaters

Survey Parameters

Date and time of survey

Click + to add persons involved

Reason for survey

Equipment used

Part B - Noise Survey and Exposure

Noise Survey and Exposure

Click + to add equipment producing noise

Item Name

Location of equipment

Noise level (LAeq)*


Exposure duration

Part C - Control Measures

Control Measures

Are hearing protective equipment mandatory?

Can the noise source be eliminated?

Is additional maintenance required to reduce noise levels e.g. by lubrication, tightening, cleaning etc of equipment? (Reassess noise level after maintenance work is complete)

Can the equipment be modified to reduce noise at source, e.g. damping, silencers, baffles etc fitted?

Can inherently quieter components be selected e.g. slotted circular saw blades on woodworking equipment or quieter fans? (Reassess after replacement)

Can the equipment be Isolated i.e. removed to another location away from people at work?

Can the equipment be enclosed?

Is a noise refuge area needed?

Can absorptive material be used to deaden noise in the workspace?

Do staff need training or information on the noise risks?

Is health surveillance required?




Full Name and Signature of Assesor

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