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Electric Chain Hoist Inspection Checklist Template

Operators and maintenance personnel can use this electric chain hoist inspection checklist on a monthly basis to ensure good working conditions. This Electric Chain Hoist Inspection Checklist Template provides a comprehensive safety checklist to identify any potential risks in the chain hoist and its components, as well as the electrical power source. Checklists can be customized to ensure all safety protocols and regulations are met.

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Electric Chain Hoist Inspection Checklist Template


WARNING: Disconnect power and discharge the capacitor on single phase units before inspecting hoists.

Structural Support System

Mounting Base
Vertical Support Column
Horizontal Support Column
Support and Beam - Maximum rated capacity stenciled on the beam.

Main Hoist

Clean the chain by removing any foreign material such as dirt and grease and inspect the chain for wear using a gauge.
Slack the chain and observe if wear exists at interlink bearing surface between the links.
Inspect the chain for gouges, nicks, arc burns, twisted, bent, worn or damaged links.
Inspect the loose end-link, loose end screw and dead end block and clevis pin on the double reeved units.
Inspect sheave wheel for freedom of movement.
Mechanical load spring break
Electric brake
Lower hook and throat opening measurement
Upper hook
Hook swivel
Hook pin
Chain drum
Limit switches


Inspect that all connections are made and screw terminals are tight.
Check the groundscrews to see that the ground wires of the pendant push button cable and power cord are secure.
Master switch
NOTE: After the inspection, lubricate the chain with a light coat of penetrating oil and graphite.

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The Electric Chain Hoist Inspection Checklist Template is an essential tool for carrying out periodic inspection and maintenance of electric chain hoists. It helps to ensure that the equipment is working properly and is safe to use. The template is simple to use and contains a comprehensive list of items that need to be checked, such as the chain and hoist mechanism, the brakes, the safety devices, the wiring, and the lubrication. It also includes instructions on how to properly inspect and maintain the equipment. By using this template, businesses can ensure that their equipment is in proper working order and that their employees are safe.

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