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What is a digital cleaning checklist?

A cleaning checklist is a document that describes the cleaning process at a specific location. A cleaning checklist also serves as a reminder during your work hours. So everyone in the team knows what needs to be cleaned and when. Tasks that have been carried out can be easily delegated and checked in this way.

A cleaning checklist has the advantage that the work's extent is known in advance. Thus, the tasks can be well planned and distributed in advance. The stress level for the cleaning team is significantly reduced. When cleaning, it is essential to pay attention to what needs to be cleaned; administrative tasks are always involved.

Where do I use checklists in the cleaning business?

Your cleaning staff is responsible for carrying out the cleaning work. To ensure that they meet the high customer demands, defined standards and controls via a cleaning checklist are very important. The checks should be carried out unannounced at regular intervals to avoid deficiencies in the future.

A checklist for the cleaning schedule can vary depending on the location's cleaning needs. The template can be a daily cleaning checklist for small rooms or a comprehensive quality control checklist for cleaning large infrastructures. Thus, digital checklist templates can be used for cleaning tasks in the following areas:

  • for office cleaning,

  • for restaurant cleaning,

  • or for cleaning a shopping mall.

Templates in the cleaning business can be used for both recurring cleaning measures and complex and costly cleaning procedures. In our template library or create your individual checklists for your use. Your checklist for cleaning is your personal guide for daily or weekly cleaning jobs. The template guides you through the checkpoints and is based on your standard.

How do I create a cleaning checklist?

Cleaning work can be made considerably more comfortable with the help of a checklist for cleaning services. The challenge in creating a checklist for your personal use case is to create a cleaning checklist that is suitable and effective for you. All steps to be performed should be clearly formulated so that cleaning staff can follow clear instructions. Only in this way can the desired standard be maintained.

1. Plan and make cleaning preparations

First of all, you should define a cleaning routine that specifies exactly how the final result should look. A site inspection can be helpful in this respect. Get familiar with the premises. Also, determine which materials and cleaning utensils must be used to start cleaning. Then you can begin to create a cleaning checklist template.

2. Create a cleaning plan

Create a list of rooms that need regular cleaning. Subdivide into places that require daily cleaning, such as washrooms and spaces that do not need daily cleaning, such as storage rooms, guest rooms, attics, etc.

3. Define tasks for different areas

List all the cleaning tasks that have to be carried out regularly in each room. Go through each room from top to bottom. This way, you won't forget anything and always get a consistent structure for the rooms.

4. Create a schedule for the cleaning tasks

Use a checklist template to choose how often you want to clean each room. This can be quite individual. The important thing is to specify exactly how often each room should be cleaned to maintain the desired standard of hygiene.

5. Define a cleaning style

There are different cleaning styles, which have proven to be efficient in the past:

  • 1. One-and-Done ProcessWith this cleaning method, the entire site is cleaned in one day.

  • 2. Time Controlled CleaningHere you decide how long you want to clean per day. This cleaning style depends very much on the personal way of cleaning.

6.Test your checklist for cleaning

It would be best if you did a trial run with your new cleaning checklist. During the test, you will undoubtedly find some gaps and errors. If you adjust the checklist and go through the individual points again, you will have the desired checklist that you can use for a long time without hesitation.

FAQs: The 3 most frequently asked questions

What advantages do digital templates offer for cleaning?

Digitalizing checklist templates in the cleaning industry offers numerous advantages. For example, employees and customers have easier access to information. There is no paper chaos; the information does not get lost and is always available in digital form. Those who use desktop software and apps for their checklists also save time in incident management, reporting and analysis.

In which areas are templates successfully used in the cleaning industry?

Templates for inspections, audits and quality checks are helpful in all cleaning industry areas. Also, templates are the best solution for keeping shift and cleaning schedules up to date.

Does a digital checklist fulfil the documentation obligation?

In some areas of the cleaning industry, there is a strict documentation obligation to maintain hygiene standards. Digital inspections and audits are stored in the cloud immediately after being checked and archived. Once the documentation period has expired, they can be deleted. Also, documents can be accessed at any time and from anywhere when they are needed.