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Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist

You can download, edit, and print out this vehicle safety checklist as soon as you’re done with your inspection. Go through each section and document the state of the interior, exterior, and engine compartment of your motor vehicle. Keep track of any and all maintenance, repairs, and replacements for future reference.
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Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist





Plate Number:

Motor Number:

Type of Body:


Fuel Used:



Owner's Manual

Vehicle History Report

Emission Test (up-to-date)

Date of last emission test conducted

Accident Report Form


Air Conditioner

Window Operation


Door Locks

Alarm System


Interior Lights

Mirrors properly adjusted

No Warning Lights turned on

Roadside Emergency Kit neatly stocked in the vehicle's trunk

Engine Compartment

Windshield washer

Engine oil level

Coolant level

Battery working

Brake Fluid level

Transmission Fluid Level


Windows and windshield in good condition

Windshield wiper working

Headlights functional

Tail Lights & Brake Lights

Emergency brake in good condition

Power brakes in good condition

Tires in good condition

Bald tires

Not inflated properly

Damaged tires

Horn working

No signs of air leaks when brake is applied.

No grease leak

No fuel leaks

Mirrors properly adjusted

Exhaust system in good condition

Wheels fitted securely

Turn signals working

Additional comments/observation

Add observations/comments here.


I hereby certify that all information is accurate and that an actual inspection was conducted.

Auditor's Printed Name & Signature

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