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Final Inspection Checklist Template

Use this final inspection checklist template to check the following parts of a commercial or residential property against building code compliance:
1. Site drainage and egress doors
2. Gypsum wallboard protection
3. Lighting fixtures and electrical outlets
4. Electrical panel boards and conductors
5. Plumbing and mechanical system
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Final Inspection Checklist Template

1. Building

Site drainage away from the house shall fall a minimum of 6 inches within the first 10 feet

Wood siding to be a minimum of 6” above adjacent grade

Building exterior finish to be completed

A 3’X3’ landing is required on each side of an egress door (some exceptions apply)

Garage to be separated from living space with minimum ½” gypsum wallboard on garage side

Door between house and garage to be a 20 minute rated door, a solid core 1-3/8” door or a steel clad insulated door

Enclosed accessible space under stairs is to be protected with ½” gypsum wallboard

Egress doors must be able to open from inside without the use of a key

Handrail height is to be 34” minimum and 38” maximum measured vertically from nosing of treads; handrails are required on stairs of 4 risers or more

Guardrails are to be installed on open sides of stairways, porches, balconies or raised floor surfaces more than 30” above the floor or grade below; finished height of guardrail is a minimum of 36”; open sides of stairways guardrail height may be reduced to a minimum dimension of 34” above the nosing of the stairs and a maximum of 38”

Foam plastic is to be separated from the building interior or crawl space by a thermal barrier of ½” gypsum wallboard unless tested and listed otherwise (except rim joists)

Install energy efficiency features & place completed energy sticker in electrical panel board

Final roofing material installed

Post permanent house numbers in location visible from the street

Under-floor areas to be cleared of all vegetation and construction debris

2. Electrical

Complete entire electrical system and install required fixtures

Smoke detectors installed and functioning

Interior wall surfaces to be installed to protect electrical conductors

Lighting fixture installed outside each exterior door

GFCI protected electrical outlets to be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, exterior (front & back), garage etc.

Electrical panel board covers on and circuit breakers identified for use

3. Plumbing & Mechanical

Heating system installed capable of maintaining 68 degrees 3 feet above the floor

Dwelling provided with a water closet, a lavatory and a bathtub or shower with a closeable door to the space

Dwelling provided with a kitchen area and sink

Dwelling provided with potable water to the building and DWV system tied to approved wastewater discharge system

Install pressure regulator at outfall of water meter (if street pressure >80 PSI) and thermal expansion tank on hot water system

Provide an air gap on the dishwasher drain line

Condensate lines for air conditioning and humidifier systems are to drain into the DWV system through an air gap

4. Sign off

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